Brainy works with AIM2 to enable brand recognition for retail

AAEON Brainy Intelligent Vending solutions video

Brainy at Taiwan Microsoft IoT Expo 2016

AAEON brought at Microsoft IoT Expo 2016 a real Intelligent Vending Machine powered by Brainy.

The machine equipped with large touch display and cashless payment system was a demonstration of how powerful Brainy is.
It was dispensing drinks by driving spiral motors, via interaction with VMC Intel Reference Design for Intelligent Vending over most common protocols.

Intel Embedded Innovator 14th edition

Intelligent Vending retrofit case, AAEON with UP powers BSQUARE software solution!

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Venditalia 2016 /

Si chiama Brainy ed è la nuova soluzione integrata per lo smart vending proposta da AAEON

Lo specialista delle piattaforme dedicate all’IoT ha infatti dato vita a un portfolio completo di hardware e software che trasformano i distributori automatici in hub per ottimizzare le strategie multicanale e creare offerte in tempo reale basate sul riconoscimento del tipo di cliente.

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Brainy, così le vending machine si integrano nell’IoT

La nuova soluzione di AAEON trasforma i distributori automatici in hub digitali capaci di ottimizzare le strategie Commerce. L’integrazione di sensori e sistemi di connettività rivoluzionano logistica, user experience e manutenzione.

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Brainy, la piattaforma per lo smart vending che ottimizza anche i pagamenti

Nasce dall’integrazione della soluzione IoT di AEEON con le tecnologie di Intel, Emutel e BSquare una nuova generazione di distributori automatici che coniuga user experience e contenimento dei costi di gestione.

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AAEON Intelligent Vending: one solution for now, a million of possibilities for the future

AAEON is proud to announce the AAEON Intelligent Vending portfolio, a smart vending solution called “Brainy: based on the Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending.

brainy logo

All the solutions are powered by the UP Board – the first credit sized embedded board based on Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 processor alongside different expansion modules with connectivity interfaces (Wifi/4G/BLE) towards the cloud. It has a specific dedicated group of interfaces such as MDB, DEX, Executive, CAN bus and others, supported by solid firmware and API.

AAEON Intelligent Vending “Brainy” solutions can be powered by Emutex Intelligent Vending Solution or by BSquare DataV IoT Services.

Emutex Intelligent Vending Solutions connects the local vending machine to the operators and offers web-based telemetry and maintenance, remote pricing, data analysis, sales scores and several other functions.
BSquare DataV IoT Service permits to a manufacturer or an operator of vending machines to remotely manage inventory,ensure jurisdictional tax compliance, increase asset uptime and reduce service cost.

Furthermore, AAEON Intelligent Vending “Brainy” solutions supports Intel® RealSense™ Technology that allows a seamless integration of product recognition or audience analysis.

vending 2

Fabrizio Del Maffeo, Managing Director of AAEON Europe, declares: “A new retail era is coming where vending machines are evolving from simply connected objects to real intelligent entities that will help manufacturers and operators reduce the total cost of ownership and offer better services to consumers.
Marco Barbato, Product Director of AAEON Europe, affirms: “The tailor-made design makes the integration into existing vending machines effortless and provides a future-proof solution to equip new machines with additional functions like digital signage, proximity marketing and self-adapting by customer recognition.
The range of new possible applications and functions are limitless.

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