Get Smart: The Simple Way To Build Intelligence Into Your Vending Machines

Your how-to guide for building intelligence into your vending machine fleet
by Jose Avalos


Are you looking to get more value out of each vending machine? Adding connectivity and intelligence to your existing vending machines can pay off big time, from slashing maintenance costs with remote management to boosting revenue with cashless payment and payment flexibility. You […]

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Use case: low impact implementation of cashless payment and telemetry

Easy Cashless payment and telemetry: with Brainy you can do it, with low implementation impact

Innovation is not only a matter of good fresh ideas, it is also necessary to link them to reality in order to realize their implementation.
Theory is nothing without demonstration, what is perfect in an ideal environment can easily fail into real life […]

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The key elements for an easy retrofit

Intelligent vending : how to make it happen with Brainy
It is very common to see add-on parts outside of vending machine to enable cashless or credit card payment. Usually the providers of such devices also supply simple telemetry functions, providing benefits for consumers and operators.
Not equally common is to find super digital vending machines with […]

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