Mobile_payment_01Easy Cashless payment and telemetry: with Brainy you can do it, with low implementation impact


Innovation is not only a matter of good fresh ideas, it is also necessary to link them to reality in order to realize their implementation.
Theory is nothing without demonstration, what is perfect in an ideal environment can easily fail into real life scenario.

It’s easy to talk about cashless payments implementation onto existing vending machines, especially without considering the constraints coming from technical compliance, certifications for banking transactions, connectivity cost and eventually the cost of a ready solution.
At the end of the evaluation you could end up with very limited solution, expensive but not expandable to other functions, especially the future incoming ones.

Brainy helps you to implement an easy cashless solution with the added value of telemetry and several other functions like smart inventory, digital signage and proximity marketing.
Thanks to its ability to get connected over the main Vending communication bus, Brainy can bridge the legacy architecture of an old vending machine with the new payments methods based on smartphone applications. The user selects the product via Vending Machine keypad and applies the payment with the application on the smartphone; the app sends the enable signal to Brainy, which will communicate over EXECUTIVE or MDB with the legacy payment devices. At this point, as happening already, the vending machine control board gets the notification of dispensing the selected product.

Easy solution, future proof, with low impact for the implementation: indeed, with daisy chain cables, Brainy can be integrated quite quickly with no other parts required or cables modification needed. Coming with wide range AC/DC input you don’t even need a power adapter.

Potential further step is to extend Brainy usage to other functionalities: advanced telemetry features, selling audit, security and surveillance sensors.
The flexibility of Brainy allows, with zero costs, to connect also existing sensors and send them to the cloud or to add new ones and enhance the efficiency of your machine, so reduce the TCO.

Cashless, telemetry and much more is possible with Brainy and professional design services.

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