up-spirals_editedIntelligent vending : how to make it happen with Brainy

It is very common to see add-on parts outside of vending machine to enable cashless or credit card payment. Usually the providers of such devices also supply simple telemetry functions, providing benefits for consumers and operators.
Not equally common is to find super digital vending machines with huge touch displays and the reason is mainly explained by numbers. Only in Europe we have almost 4 million vending machines, most of them are not intelligent, or not supposed to be, so the hypothetical cost of replacement or updates it’s the main show stopper because of high investment cost.
Return of investment is probably there, but not clearly explained, especially for what regards the cost saving for field maintenance and new revenue stream coming from advanced marketing techniques that become possible with a new brain, a computerized one, inside a vending machine, also the most aged ones.

Most likely there is another factor that is not facilitating the transition to intelligent vending, or rather the integration of new extraneous parts inside a vending machine that contains consolidated technologies.
Communication bus standards such as MDB or EXECUTIVE, specific cable and connectors, constraints represented by power source, available mounting space may be insurmountable obstacles to a full integration of industrial PC devices.
Those obstacles are not really impassable if we face them with right mindset.

Brainy solution for intelligent vending is not just simply an industrial computer board, it is a solution based on a new mindset.
It provides the power of a x86 computing core, the ability to talk the same language of most popular vending standards, the capability to fit inside most of the existing vending machines without requiring changes and the flexibility of connectivity interfaces that make the machine Glocal, linking the local hardware to remote cloud.
All wrapped by a flexible software layer that offers great ready functions helpful to enable the plug-in into legacy vending world as well as several new features, standard or bespoke ones, very much mentioned and discussed by intelligent vending supporters.

More in details, Brainy retrofit solution consists in a credit card size computer board, UP board (www.up-board.org), with professional M2M radio connectivity and a stackable expansion board dedicated to provide most used vending functions (Up Vending solution datasheet). All condensed in a package much smaller than a sandwich, able to fit any space available with several mounting solutions.
Brainy includes ready cables for DEX/EVA-DTS audit bus, MDB and EXECUTIVE data and power daisy chain cables that allow hassle-free integration and no need of additional power supply.
There are many other interfaces, like CAN Bus, that help Brainy to fit several kind of vending machines and to interface, if needed, existing sensors or devices.
Available software packages permit to enable predictive maintenance, advanced telemetry, inventory and transaction management by product recognition, digital signage, interactive advertisement and many other functions not even discussed until now.

Another key point of Brainy is represented by its scalability that allows to add functions by the time they will be needed, without changing the hardware or software.
While today you can use Brainy as a simple telemetry and predictive maintenance box, tomorrow it can be used as your fiscal box or your signage player.

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